Welcome to Potteries Kilns

At Potteries Kilns we endeavour to provide quick and thorough services to owners of electric kilns and equipment. We have experience servicing, supplying spares and repairing most makes of electric pottery or glass kilns such as:

Cromartie Kilns
Stanton Kilns
Essex Kilns
Kilns and Furnaces
L&L and others

We can provide training on most types of electric kiln controllers e.g.Ipco controllers ST3300 TC3300/1 TC3300/2 TC1800 TC3000 etc
Stafford instruments controllers ST312 ST315 ST501 etc
Cambridge Process controls 401 401+ 201 etc
Bentrup TC20 TC40 TC60 TC405 etc
Kiln sitterAuto Fireman style
Blind controllers e.g. types of electroserve, sunvick.

We also provide products to assist with health and safety issues such as over-temperature trips, electronic fail secure door locks to prevent access to kiln chamber at temperature, site surveys and inspections, kiln cages and more.

Bespoke kilns can be built to customer specifications if required.

We service, repair and sell other ceramic equipment such as pugmills, potters wheels, blungers, and slab rollers etc.

We also have good working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic colours, glazes, stains, printing inks and associated raw materials and are able to offer these products at discounted prices.

We can convert old style kiln control systems to more modern safer types.

We can repair your kiln refractory lining and brickwork from small areas of damage to complete re-builds.

If you are moving premises we can pick-up and move most kilns to your new location.